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Hello,  So happy you stopped by! My name is Taryn, and I am a  Southern California Wedding Photographer.  I live here with my sweet husband,  amazing little boy, and let's not forget Ruca, our hilarious Pug! You will most likely find us on the beach,  on the soccer field,  hunting high and low for Orange County's best dessert spots, or planing our next exotic get away.  We are kind of like the 3 Amigos, we do everything  together and have quite a bit of fun doing it. I am a huge lover of good design, the ocean, and music. Oh and coffee, let's not forget my undying love for a great Americano. 


Now that you know me a bit better, I'd love to tell you a little bit about my craft. I fell in love taking photos in the 90's, and decided to start my business in 2008. My background  was in fashion & interior design, so looking at things with an intentional, artful eye has always been my thing, so to speak. When I started photography, I fell in love with photojournalism: Documenting the beauty of  real life. I absolutely fell in love. But, I am a firm believer in evolving as an artist, and constantly trying to perfect one's craft. It wasn't until I began merging my years of experience in styling, and editorial, along with my love for photojournalism, that I discovered a beautiful balance in my wedding photography. My style is very light, airy, and romantic. Another way I incorporate balance into my work is by using both film & digital mediums. I believe my clients get the best of both worlds with Hybrid Photography: The speed of digital, along with the light, airy, TANGIBLE beauty that is film.  I do not believe in overly posed, stiff or contrived photos. What I do believe in is documenting couples' profound love for one another in a timeless, honest, and beautiful way, so that your photos are not only lovely now, but they are lovely in all the sweet years to come.


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